Mrs Universe Africa is a women empowerment platform.

Do you see empowering women as an essential part of lifting impoverished communities out of the cycle of poverty? We do; and it is at the heart of our organisation.

We believe that every woman is beautiful and capable, regardless of their skin colour, body shape and background. We instill a spirit of giving, self-discovery and our state of the art workshops with many industry professionals and celebrities teaches our delegates how to live a life filled with purpose while teaching them various traits of being a successful role model and the epitome of an empowered african woman

Here is a few traits that our pageant instills in married, divorced or widowed women between the ages of 20-50 years

  • Self-confidence – She will learn that she is capable of doing more than she imagined.  As she learns and grows and achieves her goals, she will develop self-confidence and self-esteem so often lost during the demanding life of being a wife, mom or business woman.

  • Self-discipline, Motivation, and Determination – To work and improve physically and mentally requires determination, tenacity and focus. When women desires something, she is motivated, and when she is motivated she will learn to set goals and work harder o achieve them.  She will develop self-discipline as she pursues her own objectives and purpose while fetching her dreams again.

  • Poise – Without question, she will learn poise as she goes through the competition – personal poise in one-on-one interviews, and stage presence in front of a crowd, our team help prepare women for bigger things.

  • Character – She will undoubtedly find competition to be a character-builder. People often become stronger and learn more in defeat than in victory – qualities of grace under pressure, perseverance, resilience, discipline, initiative, and a work ethic they have never been aware of!

  • Good sportsmanship – She will learn the value of a positive attitude, being part of a sisterhood of other women also dealing with the same situations, juggling work and family life, and accepting the results graciously, walking away with numerous new life-long friends.

  • Healthy habits – good nutrition and exercise – She will be encouraged to eat healthy and exercise in order to look her best for the competition.

  • Grooming and taking pride in one’s appearance, from make-up to dressing for your body type and much more

  • Speaking & Communications skills – Interview, being a big part of the competition, will motivate her to hone her speaking skills, express her thoughts and project her personality.  Over and over,  women thank us for the people skills they learn through their pageant experience.  After going through the pageant process, she will feel at ease and confident in a job interview, media interview and have excellent networking skills that will benefit her greatly.

  • Friendships with special bonds not just with contestants but with the team, sponsors and their new fans

  • Goal Setting – You do not reach goals if you do not set them. Goals and dreams are essential in life.  Pageants promote goal setting and will truly inspire a contestant to search her soul, think about the future and make a plan on how to get there.  Sometimes, the pageant, itself, is a stepping-stone to achieving those goals.

  • Overcoming shyness – The idea of entering a pageant is often not even an option for Mrs Women and once they take the leap of faith to try and do something for themselves the result is not only a life changing experience but can often open many new doors.